April 12, 2015


I would like to start another post with "Oh, how gorgeous is that?", but that would be quite repetetive and I believe you can see the beauty yourself. This spring is albout contouring, right. Contour, contour, contour, I hear everywhere, Youtube videos focused on contouring (Tati here, Pixiwoo here), Sephora's website dedicated to best contouring bits the market can offer. Choose yours!

My face is not perfect, bit round and bit big. Yet this does not make me a big fan of contouring. My contouring skills are very poor, bad lightning and unprofessional tools result in me looking like I was slapped, long time ago. Blending, blending, it's all about blending the edges away , they say. Ain't noboy got time for this. I am not Kim K, I am not furiously contouring every morning before leaving to work. But the odd days, that's a different story. Now and then there comes a day (or night) when I want to look my best, with beautifly sculpted cheekbones and thinner, oval face. 

I have been using the Sleek Conotur Kit. This used to do the job quite well, yet I was longing for something more professional. Like menioned above, this spring is like made for contouring, just choose your favorite. I am not really on the creamy side, so I definitely wabted something bit more powdery. Could not decide between Anastasia and Kevyn Aucoin (also amazing and beautiful conoturing palette). After considering all pros and cons, I opted for Anastasia as the colors seemed more versatile, multifunctional and the reviews were great. Also, Kevyn Aucoin is slightly more pricey.


In my pre-last post I talked about eye shadow palette In the night that is perfect for creating smokey eyes and drama look when going out on Friday night. After that I realised that somewhere hidden in my beauty storage I have one of my all-time favorite perfumes - one I used to use only when going out for a party: Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari. 

Smelling this perfume after quite long time, I realised how much of memories, feelings and sentiment is hidden in this scent. I used to use this one when clubbing while at UNI. Memories, ach. I can't wear it now. Lots of things have changed and I changed, I am not party girl anymore and I am done with studying, Yet I still keep this perfume, hidden, of course and occasionally smell to bring back those sleepless nights, tasty coctails, midnight kisses and random sleepovers. 

What attracted me once to this scent is probably was the sensual and mysterious tone. It's a woody perfume (I love woody fragrances!) with floral notes, but the main scent is, of course, jasmine. Jasmine makes the whole experience tantalizing, addictive and that's why I was so madly in love with this perfume. Now, when thinking about it, I might try to come back, just for the old good times. Maybe not. But still, it's a gorgeous fregrance, seductive, sophisticated and sensual. And sexy. 


I am a big lover of nude nails. Nude nails are my all time favorite - even my nail polish collections should be called 50 Shades of Nude, because when I see a nude nail varnish - I just have to have it. 
Last week I saw this gorgeous Essie Nude Duo. It was sold out in my local Boots all the time, so when I finally saw it's back at stock I just grabbed it. And I am so h-a-p-p-y about it. I know spring is coming, we all should cover our nails in cute pastel color coats, but for me this timne has not arriced yet. Ireland has been a bit rainy and coldish and no, I am not in the spring mood yet.

Essie In The Mood For Nude:

ballet slipper - very light, almost like white-ish shade with slightly pink hue in it. Very thin, so few layers needed. Looks bit cold on the pics (apologies). In real it's very light baby pink/white.

spin the bottle - very nude shade, almost skin-like. On nails, the color has slightly peachy undertones. It's gorgeous, very classic nude shade. Swoon. 

February 03, 2015


Have you heard about this brand W7? I have not, I have a feeling I saw their eye shadow palettes somewhere, don't reckon where though. Anyway, I got this eye shadow palette as a Christmas present and my one is called "In the Night" and it's dedicated to the party girls who like to go out for a drink or two and who like to go to party and dance. Regula readers know I am more kinda into natural shades, like brown, beige and nude. But, this is a nice change. I have dark broen eyes so this purpely-violet shades really suit me and did not have that much to choose from before so I have to say I am very pleased. Other palettes from W7 are also: Lighly toastes, In the nude and In the Buff. These three are more in the natural/nude range.

In the night has these 12 shades:
Dusty - very light pinky shimmery shade
Wonderland - absolutely gorgeous bronzey tone with golden undertones
Summer - very light greyish shade
Atlanta - very cool light violet shade
Abracadabra - dark grey matte shade
Top Hat - another beautiful shade, dark purple shimmering shade
Razzamataz -  dark purple matte shade
Lady Luck - bright dark pink/plum shade with shimmering, very beautiful
Laura E - gorgeous medium warm brown shade
Party Pooper - very light silver shimmering color
Gate Crash - dark grey shade
Bologna - black matte shade

The problem seemed to be glitters that are in each shadow and make the whole palette look bit scary. I guess when you are getting ready for night out you probably should add bit of a glitter, but this looked like crashed disco ball ingredients. Fortunately, after applying all the glitters dissappear. 

 The quality is not bad, but it's not the best. The shadows are quite powdery and need to be blend in very precisely. Typically, for budget palettes, the matte shades have again a problem with pigmentation. But the shimmery shades are very good, almost stunning. More buttery and last longer. 

In this particular shade range, I have 4 favorite shadows I have never seen anywhere else, so I will be using these a lot. Then there are 4 shades that I can imagine using, especially when going out. And then the remaining 4 eyes shadows I don't think I will use unsless as a highlighter underneath my eyebrows. But I guess in every palette, no matter if from drugstore or premium brand, there will be always shadow you don't fancy, so. 

Overall, I am quite happy qith In the night palette. Nice budget buy: I think the price is aroud 10eur and you're buying 12 eyes shadows in a really cool tin packaging. Quite curious about the nude shades so will probably try to get my hands on these too. 

February 02, 2015


Last calm Monday in a few months, sigh. On Wednesday I am returning back to work, so I quite enjoyed this time home, but back to the reality. And as last Monday without stress and work anxiety I thought (while taking some pictures during the day), that I could show you my Monday in pics :).

Morning: Picking up my morning outfit from the tops in my bedroom. Could not quite decide, because I have so many new things to wear and there are few pieces I still didn' t get a chance to wear. 

Feeling little bit festive I just opted for this silky blouse from River Island with gorgerous  golden - metal details and frill around neck. It' s just so beautiful, I fell in love with this piece instantly!

My new book of ideas. Got this one from TK Maxx weeks ago, but just today I finally got a chance to make a list of my new 2015 resolutions, challenges and tasks. Never too late, I guess, haha. So cute.

Dinner time. I know it does not really look like fancy result of my mad cooking skills, so let me explain. Tomato, cucumber, peppers, rocket, bit of cheese, avocado and soya. I am really into soya now. Healthy quick and easy and tasty:)

Baaaaaath time ! Fear not, I will not put my not so skinny legs on display in a cheeky snap. Althought have a look at my beautiful bobbles I got from Lush. Such a lush! And relax. 

After shower: Wearing a clean shirt and leggings, with little bit of fragrance from Victoria's Secret. Such a flirt is my current favorite. Already checking website and thinking about ordering more :).

Little relax before going to bed: reading a book and drinking Earl Grey tea with soy milk. Currently reading Chuck Palahniuk - Diary. I love his books. 
So this was my Monday. Do you like post like this one? Do you have any rituals you keep during a week? Let me know, curious as always. 


Have you seen the name of this mascara ? L'Oreal Million Lashes So Couture So Black mascara. Isn't it the longest name for a mascara you've ever seen? Okay, back to the review. This mascara is good. As you may guess from the name - it' s very very black and that's a good thing. I don't like mascaras with brown black colors, because most of the times I just feel my lashes are not enhanced that well. So in this case, definitely points for the color, deep dark jet black. 

I have been using this mascara almost every day now and I haven't experienced any clumps or flaking, so duration is also outstanding, considering that my makeup is on between 10 to 12 hours. So what effect can you reach with this mascara? Volume, definitely. Length, too. Doesn't curl the lashes that much, but we have tools for this, right? Bonus points go for not sticking lashes together - Oh I hate when it happens! 

The wand is not the wand I go usually for and when I saw it for the first time I just wasn't sure at all. But it's great, so it's so easy to paint even the tiniest little lashes. Also, there is no product build up on the wand, you just get a small amount of color, so you are not wasting anything. Duration of the mascara is also stunning, got this one at the same time as my Maybelline Falsies which is dry already and goes to the bin.

Overall, it's a fabulous mascara. You can get very natural look after one application or build up up to 3 times and get more dramatic look.  Worth the buy, because the quality of this product could compete with some premium mascaras. 

February 01, 2015


Dear redears, I am very proud to introduce you to my new favorite moisturizer. Its name is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. What a name! This little sunshine was around for some time, but now, after months of pursuing a good moisturizer, I finally decided to get my hands on CDDML+, haha. I tried few moisturizers in last couple months, mostly unhappy about them or expecting way too much. Expecting almost nothing, I took little sample in Boots and was nicely suprised. My skin was very soft and mainly, moisturized. I decided to purchase and just try. Reviews good. Brand good. If nothing, 125ml for a price of any other moisturizer is just great. 

Let me tell you something about my skin first. My skin is very dry, very rough, but during a day (and especially when wearing a makeup) it can get quite greasy. Las few weeks I have been suffering from acne, big nasty spots and zits (and yes I cried quite a lot). Cliniques moisturizes is supposed to help skin that is bit dry, bit dehydrated or combination skin. I guess I am in. Now back to the product.

Okay, it's yellow. I know, not very usual. Also, without any fragrance or perfume, but smells bit medicinal (trust factor!). The consistency is but surprising - it' s very light weighting, thin, almost runny - you would not expect much of hydration from it. The truth is opposite, it gives me the best hydration. My skin feels so great! It really does and it stays soft and hydrated all day. Also, my makeup just applies so much easier and I feel like me foundation lasts longer. Another great benefit is the adorable pump that comes with it and the fact you don't have to dive your fingers in a pot. Clap clap clap.

I can' t praise this product enough. It just became my favorite moisturizer and I don't feel like I'll be changing any time soon. 

PS: I changes few things in my skincare routine and let's say this moisturizer might be a biggest change. So it probably contributed to most to one more change in my skin - all my spots are gone, And scars are healing very fast (with combination or BioOil and my new night cream). Worth a try.

January 31, 2015


And here it comes! My favorite brushes I use every day. I have been thinking about making a post about my favorite brushes for some time now, but just last week I finally made the decision the choose "My top 5 makeup brushes". I am proud owner of something around 30 brushes. This amount of brushes is absolutely unnecessary and unless you are planning going pro, there is no need to go crazy like this (althought I call myslef a "collector" and I take pleasure in owning so many brushes, haha). 

Real Techniques Blush Brush - it's the pink, very fluffy one. Althought its name says blush, I ain't using this one for my cheeks. This brush is great - big, soft and fluffy - just perfect for powder. I can't imagine using this one for anything else, really. Distributes the product gently and softly, and doesn't eat the product at all. Would recommend as Nr. 1 powder brush!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - pink one again, rounded and with short bristles. Honestly, I am not sure what is the purpose of this brush. I saw videos girls using it as a foundation brush. Why not, althought I use it as my blush brush (I am a rebel, I know)! My face is big and rounded and without any definied cheekbones, jeez, so it' s kinda difficult for me to apply blush to a certain part of my face and not to look like I've just attended slapgiving. This one is great for that job - soft but very precise, allows you to work the product in without any problems. 

Zoeva - 227 Luxe Soft Definer - the eye shadow blending brush. Hallelujah ! This is my best friend, really. I tried the MAC 217 blending brush but had to come back to this one. It blends the eye shadow in magicaly, it's absolutely foolproof and even the clumsiest Picasso can have eye shadows like a pro! The only downside is the duration of the brush - will have to repurchase soon. Feeling no guilt though.

Zoeva - 102 Silk Finish - foundation brush. Amazing brush, would not change this one for any other. Tried RT Expert and Buffing brush, but this is my thing. Again, foolproof application, the finish is abolutely gorgeous, works the product in precisely and is just absolutely amazing. Eats my foundation though, but I can forgive this sin as it's really worth it. If you're looking for a move from RT, would go for this one. Still bufget friendly, but the quality is amazing. 

Real Techniques - Accent Brush - ehm, eye shadow applying brush? I believe accent brush is for applying small amount of eyeshadow or glitter to the tiniest part of my eyelid, right? Not my case, again, my rebellious nature: I just use this one for application of eye shadow all over my lid. My eye lids are quite small (yeah, in my big rounded face, haha) and this brush is so small it allows me to spread the eyeshadow evenly without any drop offs. Works for me. 

So, these are my everyday brushes. I like them all, they are good quality brushes, all very budget friendly. What are your favorite brushes? Do also use them in a way they were not meant for?

January 29, 2015


Passing around my beloved Lush shop today I just could not resist and  I had to walk in and smell the most beautiful smells and fragrances. Just walking in for a couple minutes made my mood lift. Once in I thought:"There is no harm in buying one or two little things, right?"

I was longing for something to add to my bath for a special pamper time. Something I haven't tried before that would smell gorgeous and make my evening bath an etraordinary experience, haha. So what did I pick up?

Dreamtime - Dreamtime is a luxury bath melt and as you might think from its name, this longer cube after melting promotes nights full of good sleep and sweet dreams. It consists of lavender and chamomile essential oils. To help you leave the day behind.

Amondopondo - the bubble bar. Amondopondo has white color, round shape and in the center there is a little rose. After melting not only it smells beautiful but fills your bath with crazy bubbles. Nice smelling bubbles. What you can smell is mostly lemon and rose, they help to soothe the emotions and bring the fresh outlook.

Tea Tree Toner Tab - something for the face. The rounded greyish bar with capital T is a toner. Bring water to boil, pour it into a bowl and let the toner bar to melt. Bend over the steamy bowl and cover your head with a towel. All the goodness ingredients like tea tree oils and aloe vera will open your pores  and let the dirt and grease go away. Detox for the skin and very interesting experience. 

New Charity Pot - Charity Pot is a pot full of hand and body lotion, again, smelling absolutely wonderful. Smells very floral and consists of moringa oil, rosewood oil or ylang ylang oil. I bought only a small pot but I will be coming back for a big one as it smells divine and 100% of the amount you pay for Charity Pot goes to good causes. 

What is your favorite Lush product?


How beautiful is that? I discovered Ballerina by Barry M. in the end of summer, but haven't used it since my purchase. I really liked the shade in the shop, but later at home the color did seem bit boring. So now, after few months I reached for Ballerina to find out that it's actually very nice color!

I would describe it as an old vintage pink, maybe like darker nude-pink. It's quite close to nude. Not a very bright shade, so quite good for this time of year. It's that kind of shade you can wear anytime though. Dried very quickly, two layers and lasted solid 4 days. As a top coat I used No Chip Top Coat by Sally Hansen, but I will be not repurchasing this one, so I am on a hunt for a new top coat! 

Any suggestions ?