April 12, 2015


In my pre-last post I talked about eye shadow palette In the night that is perfect for creating smokey eyes and drama look when going out on Friday night. After that I realised that somewhere hidden in my beauty storage I have one of my all-time favorite perfumes - one I used to use only when going out for a party: Jasmin Noir by Bvlgari. 

Smelling this perfume after quite long time, I realised how much of memories, feelings and sentiment is hidden in this scent. I used to use this one when clubbing while at UNI. Memories, ach. I can't wear it now. Lots of things have changed and I changed, I am not party girl anymore and I am done with studying, Yet I still keep this perfume, hidden, of course and occasionally smell to bring back those sleepless nights, tasty coctails, midnight kisses and random sleepovers. 

What attracted me once to this scent is probably was the sensual and mysterious tone. It's a woody perfume (I love woody fragrances!) with floral notes, but the main scent is, of course, jasmine. Jasmine makes the whole experience tantalizing, addictive and that's why I was so madly in love with this perfume. Now, when thinking about it, I might try to come back, just for the old good times. Maybe not. But still, it's a gorgeous fregrance, seductive, sophisticated and sensual. And sexy. 

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