September 28, 2014


Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It' s because there is something very melancholic about autumn and I am very melancholic person. I just love when the weather is not warm anymore, yet not too cold. You smell the colder tones in the little wind and all the leaves are turning red and orange and yellow and the sky is greyish with few sun rays. And in the air there is this little reminder of upcoming winter, sneaking in slowly, but still you are full of the beautiful summer memories. WHat a wonderfull time of the year.

What I love about autumn is also the fashion. I like I can wear my favorite black again (I just love black), I love wearing jackets and hoodies and jumpers (yes, I am bit struggling during the summer) and I love long thick scarves. And autumn brings it all back. And of course, I can wear my favorite boots again. Please do not expect anything wild here full of colors and shapes. Like I said, I love it simple, black and cosy.In the end of August I managed to buy three pairs of boots that I think will walk me through autumn. With the pairs I already have at home, I think the column for autumn shoes can be ticked. 

The Jodhpur boots from H&M. They call them Jodhpur, I don't know why. I liked them in the magazine and I ordered them from the internet. Basically, they are perfect for walking (haha) as they have the smallest heel, they are not too high, the ankle height is perfect. Half leather look (only a look), half suede look (again, only a look) makes them very interesting and "golden" buckle makes them even look quite posh. They can go with casual outfit as well as bit more dressed up outfit, so I find them quite variable.

The Biker Boots. Okay, everyone should have biker boots in their wardrobe, is a must-have, really. My old ones died last spring which made me very happy cause I knew I am about to pick up new pair. This time I wanted to keep it very simple, sleek and more girlish. Well, let' s say that my old ones were bit too much of rock with lots of studs and little buckles and details...nad... I am getting older, so! :) I got these from ASOS. Very warm, cosy, excellent quality, can' t wait to wear them. I know they are very simple, but the golden zipper in the back is exactly the only detail I was able to accept. Actually,I love the zipper.

The Heels. I love heels, and I fell in love with these as soon as I put them on. Gosh, they are so comfy. So much. And look so chic and sleek and uprgade every outfit to another level. I just feel so good wearing these. I can see myself wearing these a lot this winter. Leather trousers, knit and these, oh! Also H&M. You can find them also in dark burgundy color, which is even more beautiful, but I just love black. 


Our weekends are all pretty much the same (by "we" I mean me and my boyfriend). On Saturday we usually go for a little trip somewhere in London and on Sunday we are happy to have a little breakfast in a nice café, then little shopping and then free time. I had to go to Specasavers today to choose a new pair of glasses, yay! And because there is a little mall nearby, I took a chance and quickly picked up few thing I really needed. So, here's my shopping.

First, The Body Shop. I know I am addicted and I know it is not good at all. But, for my defend - I had this 40% off voucher, I was running out of my all-time favorite face wash and needed a proper mask for my tired skin. The Silky Cleansing Oil with Camomile had a massive hype during last few months and I picked up my first one and immediately fell in love with it. This is my second bottle, so it lasted let' s say 3-4 months, which is pretty much okay. This stuff is amaying (like everyone said before), smells so nice and makes skin feel so soft. I tried the Aloe Protective Restoring Mask just couple minutes ago and I was very pleased. I did not want anything super cleansing, but something more caring and nourishing instead. This mask did amazing job. I will give you a full review later, but so far I can say "wow".

Second, the Superdrug. Althought I have neverending shopping list, I wanted to make it quick and pick up the stuff I run out of this week. It was Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Maybelline the Falsies Mascara, talking about these two, I think they are two best products by Maybelline and I make sure I have these in my make up bag every time. Cheap and priceless!

My third stop was TK Maxx. I was in pursuit of proper professional haircare shampoo and conditioner. After trying all the drugstores can offer regarding damaged hair, I used them all and all of them were rubbish I have decided to reach for a proffesional brand and try out something bit more pricey but praised. Could not decide between this "Resurrection" set by TIGI and Kerastase products. I did not find many Kerastase reviews and for the same price, my economical myself won the bottle and I picked up Urban Antidotes Resurrection Set. The price is same (around  25 quit), but Bed Head each has 750ml. I say it' s a huge bottle. Haha. Review later! And also, I wanted to buy the wet brush. This one from TK Maxx was for 4 quit and after first quick trial I was so so so pleased.

Fourth and last stop I took was my beloved Tiger! Just a quick visit as I needed this medium white box for my every day make up. I have already 2 of these at home, one for haircare products and one for body products. But all my make up split all over little bags, boxes I just had to take an action and I have decided that for the next couple of months living in our tiny London appartment I just have to survive with all the stuff in this pretty box. Yep, London' s appartments are not made for poor beauty freaks, haha. Thank god we will move soon. 

This is final result. My every day make up, the necassassery things, ale thrown in without any proper dividing (my OCD me is crying right now).

I am big fan of other people' s make up storages and boxes and bags etc. so any idead and advices are more than welcomed! :)

September 22, 2014


As every beauty blogger, I am bit make up junkie. That´s probably the reason why I spend almost every lunch break in Boots or Superdrug looking for news in make up aisles instead of having proper lunch. For me it´s a proper break though.

I was longing to try the new L´oreal Mono Eye Shadows especially when they have such beautiful colors and they all are so pigmented. I picked up Nude 201 and Lumiere 502. They look fantastic, but last only couple of hours. I also got L´Oreal So Couture Super Liner. I should be a waterproof one, but I am not so sure. The application is very easy, the brush is thin and short, quite firm. Only lasted on my eye lids for few hours and it easily gets smudged. Double dissapointment for me.

I also picked up my all time favorite foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix. I love this one. It smells so healthy and fruity, stays, medium coverage, easy to apply and the finish is just so natural. Although, I went one shade darker and that was a mistake as my tan is slowly fading and I would need my former one - the lightest one. Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder is my favorite drugstore powder as well. I also picked up one shade darker one and I should not have done that. Argh. Nevermind. It´s a good stuff and I might still use it. I like this powder because it is so light, has velvety like finish and the smell is fruity as well. Allegedly Channel dupe. 

And because I had 2 quit on my Boots card to spend, I quickly grabbed Miss Sporty nail polish. I actually quite like Miss Sporty nail polish - they last 4 days minimum, they get dry quickly, they are cheap. The only downside are the colors. They are not that nice. 


Do you see the five ordinary looking bottles on my cute face cloth? Those are my beauty heroes. You might have actually heard about all of them. I would like to mention them just one more time, because they have important place in my first aid kit! 

1. Boots Build Up Removal Shampoo
I noticed few bloggers were raving about this little shampoo. I was bit sceptical first, as it is quite cheap - something around 3 quit, it´s Boots brand and the bottle looks let´s say boring. Mistake. This is my third bottle already and I will keep repurchasing until I die. I feel in love with this shampoo, it does a proper cleanse, hair feels so clean and fresh after. This does wonders, really. I try to use once a week or when feeling like my hair is bit tired from all the hair stuff I use. Go and buy it. 

2. Baby Shampoo
I use the one from Jonhnson´s and I keep one bottle in the bathroom all the time. First, I use this shampoo for brush cleaning. I am not sure if it´s okay. Really. But it gives them perfect wash, smells nice and leaves the brushes in a perfect condition, really. Second, I use it after I dyed my hair. I know, seems strange, but I colour my hair dark brown which almost everytime appears black. So to get rid of the black hue that stays in the hair for the first couple of washes I use this. Followed by conditioner. One quit ladies and gentlemen, one quit. Priceless. 

3. Bio Oil
Here comes the pricey one. If you find spare 6 quit in your pocket (or maybe rather on your credit card), "invest" in bio oil. I really think this does help. Smells nice. I apply on any little scars I have on my skin (like little cuts after shaving my legs) and also on my face. Again, not sure of this is okay. But after a spot attack (that comes at least once a month) I am left with scarface (not the movie one). I have big red supernovas all over my cheeks as a result of dead spots. Applying this makes them all disappear within a day, two. I also apply when I feel my face needs a little oomph after party/stress/bad diet etc. Basically, masage into face before going to bed and follow with moisturizer. Sweet.

4. Lip Butter
My lips, my poor lips, so dry and so damaged from all the bad habbits. I love this lip butter from The Body Shop, the "taste" is shea butter and makes my lips so soft. Using it before sleep and waking up with baby lips, haha. Any kind is definitely enough, but I just think lips should get some extra moisture and lip butter is the best source! Yummy.

5. Tea Tree Oil
Another oil. Oils rules, haha. This is such a helper in the battle against spots. It is like a first aid when the spot appears (sometimes you can not see it but you can feel it). When my skin is really bad, I apply on the spot areas before going to bed. Smell so good, sometimes bit itchy but it is because it works! Now I have one from The Body Shop, beefore I tried the one from Superdrug and they all are good. 

September 06, 2014


Minihaul. Three items from L'oreal everyone was raving about. As I was browsing the adorable aisles in Boots I realised I would need a new primer. And yet, there was a deal 3 for 2 for all L'Oreal, so I just bought them all. The Primer, the Foundation and the Mascara. The Good, The Better and The Best. Let me explain. 

Number one: The Primer. Menntioned several times by youtubers, many reviews by bloggers all over the internet and few mentions from friends/family/random/magazines. So I thought let's give it a try. Why not. I needed a primer, there are not many of them, let's have a look. And guys, it' s a good one. Makes really great canvas for further application, the face is glowing (healthy glowing, not radioactive glowing), pores are smaller and the foundation just sticks. Into? On? Not heavy, not sticky, not smelly. Really good. The only thing I have: not that it would prolong the duration of foundation. Might update later after few more weeks of observation. Points for the consistency and base it leaves. A good one.

Number two: The Foundation. L'Oreal True Match, the one that supposed to match your true color. The alleged dupe of Giorgio Armani Luminious Silk foundation. Probably one of the best drugstore foundations.A gem.  And I can confirm that. This is one of the best foundations I have ever tried. It is so easy to buff it into skin, so easy to apply, holds quite long and it is not cakey at all. Medium coverage, buildable. Really impressed. And I was quite worried when I saw it first as there are little golden "particles" - not even glitters. Like tiny golden sparkles. So I was a bit scared that I might look like I just quit my career in figure skating. Not at all, the golden bits just aren't there. The only thing I have here is the color. I just could not decide. Boots and Superdrug just did not have any proper samples and I was absolutely hopeless. As I have dark chocolate hair and my skintone is yellowish I picked up the W - warm tones. My skin is very fair though, now I still have some natural summer tan, but this one will be gone in couple of weeks and after comparing to my usual shades from different range, I opted for W1, the lightest one. Not sure if that was a good move as it seems bit too light. Maybe in couple of weeks it might be the perfect shade. The irony is that this foundation supposed to match your true skin color and yet many people struggle to pick up the right shade. The only flaw here. 

Number three. The Mascara. Carli Bybel used to use Telescopic mascara in her every video. Vivaina from Vivana does make up mentioned this one more than just a couple times. Still, when I saw the brush I was terrified. This one just can' t be any good. Maybe avarege, yes. How wrong I was. This mascara is amazing. I am so addicted to this one right now. It makes the lashes superlong, definied, perfect. Holds there well. It isn't clumpy at all, well buildable, after two or three layes makes it look like proper false lashes. I am so happy I found one in Boots and bought it, because I am in love with this mascara. One of the best.


So... not so beauty and glamarous topic today, my loves! Let's talk about the healthy stuff for a while. 

My legs and armpits were incredibly itchy. My legs were even so itchy that it woke me up from the sleep several times and I had to scratch the skin on my legs until bleeding. Naturally, I got really scared about what is going here, so I started my little investigation, haha. First, I thought there was something wrong with the water, maybe. Because, I have never had any skin related problems before and these issues started after my moving to London. So naturally, I thought it might be the water here. Or maybe the washing powder. Not that I would invest in incredibly gentle non bio washing powder. Then I realised this is only local itch - on my legs and armpits. And usually after a shave. Damn. 

This summer was terrible for me, because after every shaving, my legs and my arpits went completely red, itchy, with tons of little red spots. So basically, I could not wear any shorts, skirts and sleeveless tees as people would see either my red spotty limbs or a hairy carpet (in case I would try to save my skin from some killing itching). So I spent my summer being very sad, wearing long sleeves and reading about how to fight itchy skin. I have tried many products to help relieve my skin, to fight the redness and to minimaze the itch. I did not want to swap my razor shaving method for wax or creams as my hair grows usually very fast and very dark and waiting longer then 3-4 days for a shaving is humiliating, depressing and neverending ordeal. 

I read so many articles and forums and discussions from all the women all over the world complaining about this problem and yet I have not found any treatment for the itch, spots and redness. I (and it seems no one actually) do not know what is causing the itch. What I know is that I have been shaving my legs since I have been 13 years old (it seems bit too early, I know, but you shold know that I used to run home from school with tears, because other kids called me "Monkey" and "Gorilla" as my hair was long and very dark) and I have never experienced anything like this. My skin was always so okay that I could even shave my legs every day without any cream for shaving, without moisturizer ater and even with a rubbish razor. I see, times are changing :(. I tried to find out what has changed and what is different that my skin is so sudden so sensitive, but not sure.

Like I said, I have not found any treatment or cure for this itchy feeling and red spotty skin, but I found a few little helpers that make my suffering bit easier. First, I "invested" in a better razor. I tried few and I am pretty happy with these Wilkinson ones. What I would suggest is, always try to find a razor with the moisturising stripe and with moveable head and with at least three or four little razors, so you do not have to shave one area of your skin more than once. What also helps is to shave in the direction of growth of the hair. I know it does not give you such a perfect results as shaving against the growth, but it definetely does not irritate the skin that much. Always use shaving cream or foam to prep the skin. If you can, pick up one for a sensitive skin, maybe with some additional oils or aloe vera. The last step is very important also - moisturize. You do not want to leave your legs with dry, cracking skin. That will make the irritation even worse. If your skin is itchy more after using the moisturizer, then it' s neccessary to buy a moisturizer suitable for itchy and sensitive and irritated skin - that' s why I love my one. I finally found the perfect moisturizing cream for my legs.It was recommended from many itch suffering girls/women, it's from Aveeno - Skin Relieve mostiurizing lotion with Shea Butter. I would swear on this one. It was made for very sensitive skin, smells like oats, very this, easy to disturb over skin and dry in seconds. I love this cream.

Another trick - I also bought the"Itch relief" cream in Boots. In case the itching starts, I always use the cream on the places I need before it goes absolutely unbearable and painful. What probably also helped me was to start taking Zyrtek and similar allergy relief tablets. Not sure if it' s related, but it did help me. I also heard that sometimes it's caused by eating way too much of fruits. Might be true. 

For my armpits I started to use Sanex products and it helped so much. I especially like the Dermo Repair ones as they are designed for very sensitive and delicate skin underneath the arms. Good stuff, good stuff, indeed. I used to have a massive itch after some perfumed products. Happy with Sanex, indead. When shaving, I am using the shaving cream as well. Just in case, you know. But since I have started using Sanex products, my armpits went from "absolutely painful" to "almost normal", that means sometimes (very rare I can feel my armpits are bit sensitive/red - but only tiny tiny bit). 

This topic is very important to me as I was suffering the whole summer and collecting information and I felt lost. Like the only girl who has to deal with (so suddenly) sensitive skin. Hope this helps someone who is in similat situation.