December 30, 2014


I just have a huge crush on color, if that is possible. It started with a birthday present I got from my boyfriend: rose gold watch. This watch has been on my wishlist for some time and having my 25th birthday in December (getting older here!) I finally got them. Then I just bought new earrings in matching color: rose gold/ champagne pink pearls. I found these in H&M, this set I picked contains 4 pairs of pearls in different sizes, perfect.

Another present for my birthday was Swarovski Miss Aura, amazing perfume! I instantly fell in love. The smell is so unusual and so unique, but so easy to wear at the same time. It is mostly floral perfume, with hint of rose and patchuli. The packaging is stunning too. At the top of the bottle, there is this big crystal and again, the color is such a nice rose gold /champagne pink color, elegant yet girlish. Miss Aurora is sold in Sephora.

Looking at my presents, I realized I had two beautiful pinkish nail polishes, perfect to match the goodies mentioned above. I haven’t used them in months, maybe years. And I realized I forgot how absolutely stunning they look. I don’t really fancy shimmering shades, but these are just gorgeous, good for this festive season. One of them is Rimmel Ethereal 801, a shimmering very light pink shade. The other one is Gabrielle Salvate in shade 157, very similar but little bit more pearl and pinkish shade.

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