December 30, 2014


If there is one hair mask you should definitely have, it is Moroccanoil Restorative Mask. All the myths were true, this is really something. Longing to try this mask for some time now, I felt like buying the (let´s admit it) bigger pricey pot in the times of moving apartments and cities would not be very economical; I opted for the travelling version. The 250ml pot is usually for something around £32,  this 75ml tube was for around £9 and lasted me 3-4 applications (depending on length of hair). 

I will not go into too many details as I know Moroccanoil has been around for some time and many of you know about this brand, the miraculous hair oil and about this magical treatment, But I still want to mention this mask as for me it´s a new thing and definitely worth the mentioning. And definitely worth the hype! The magic trick here is the protein that does most of the job. You can find protein naturally in your hair. When using colorants and styling tools like straighteners or wands, the hair gets damaged and it lacks the main thing: protein. So then this brilliant product full of proteins comes to help restore your poor hair. 

Smells absolutely incredible. I mean, the smell is so gorgeous you just want to leave this on your hair forever. The directions say to apply generous amount into your strands and leave for 7-10 minutes. This treatment for me is a real treat, so I leave at least for an hour to make the best of it. And followed by conditioner. The smell usually stays in my hair for a day or two more (yay!). You can see the change in your hair already when rinsing your hair. It feels smooth, strong and sleek. The quality is instantly better, hair is shinier and the split ends are gone. Brilliant mask.

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