December 18, 2014


Spending hours and hours browsing the Pinterest I realised one thing - how much I want a white blazer/ suit jacket. I saw dozens of pictures of stunning outfits where the main IT piece is a perfect white suit jacket making an absolute fashion perfection and I just think this is a thing every young girl/ lady should have in her wardrobe.The greatest thing about this jacket is its versatile. You can mix it with anything in your closet and yet create the most unique outfit. You can dress up your ripped jeans. Or dress down your black jumpsuit. You can wear it with casual t-shirt or with fancy top. You can pick any colors you want and still look bit posh and fancy. That's another great thing about this - you will always look a bit glamorous, bit posh, bit fancy, but not too much. Just to make you feel bit special. And I say yes to it!

Hunting for the perfect one I made my way to H&M and there I found it. Not expensive at all, not ordinary at all, beautiful and exceptional. 

What I really love about it is this leather stripe and zipper on each side. They make the whole piece very exceptional and rare. 

Below you can see my favorite outfits I found on Pinterest:

1.White blazer + grey tee + black jeans. This combo is so cool and so easy to wear. Simple, but still very chic. Golden accesories (belt, watch) and sunglasses to make the look complete. Layered medium length hair. Massive envy.  

2. White blazer + blue ripped jeans + bright color. So casual. Dress down for a lunch with friend or just coffee after shopping. Don't go overboard with accesories as this outfit makes a real statement. Heels are a must!

3. White blazer + black jumpsuit / black dress.Things are bit more serious here. Perfect for some evening occasion, maybe drinks on friday night or a date. The combination of white and black is so chic and sophisticated.

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