August 25, 2014


One day, I will tell you my hair story. It is very long, annoying story about how I bleached my hair, completely damaged every bit of it, could not find any suitable hair dye that would last longer than two washes, and most of all, two traumatising hairdresser visits. I bet everyone went through this horrific experience when a lovely looking hairdresser, chatting and smiling cut the hair a bit more than one inch. Maybe more like two inches. Or three. Or five. Or ten. One day, I will tell you my hair story and I will probably make me cry again (my boyfriend doesn´t understand why I cry everytime there is something wrong with my hair). But not today. Today I want to mention two products I started to use after the hairdresser (not my hairdresser, just a random one) chopped my hair a little bit way too much and left me in tears. I was always proud of my long lucious locks and I wanted them back asap.

After hours spent on the internet, googling every possible treatment and method how to help your hair grow a bit faster (including scalp massage, not washing your hair for like a week and keeping it in fishtail all day long, vitamins, tablets, drops,...), I found many girls recommended Lee Strafford mask witth a very remarkable name: "For Hair that never Grows past a certain Length". Well, did not put many hopes in that one, but desperate to try anything I gave it a go, thinking something like "How can possibly a hair mask help to boost my hair growth?!".

Guys, it can. It actually does an amazing job. Not that I had 15 inches of my hair back over night, but the difference after couple of weeks was there. My hair grew faster. Really. Now I am using this mask every week, at least once (because I had a terrible hairdresser experience last month again). This time I also picked up the little spray with the same effect.

Lee Stafford products smell amazing. They smell absolutely incredible and I love it. The mask is not too thick, but not too liquidy either. Haven´t noticed any difference in the quality of my hair, mostly because I usually use it mainly on my roots (that´s where the hair grows from, right?) and leave it sit for let´s say 15-20 minutes, sometimes even longer. The spray is supposed to be used on the roots area as well, on the wet hair. No, none of these products make my hair greasy or oily. They both leave my hair smelling incredbly, ahhhh!
Honestly, I love this stuff. I pick up at least one mask everytime after "hairdresser accident". But really, I will tell you more soon. About my hair. My poor poor hair. 

Any good tips for hair growth? Anything at all? I will be gratefull for anything, haha.

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