August 25, 2014


I was on the lookout for a good facial mask. I do not say perfect, I say a good one. That is because I wanted something not too pricey, but yet still quite effective. And let´s be honest, there ain´t many of masks like these. Either they are usually quite expensive (oh, like the Origins ones on my wishlist) or you don´t see a difference after using. Or worse, your skin feels even worse after the treatmant. And no one wants that, right? 

So I have dacided to pick up my one in The Body Shop. First thing you should now - I really do love TBS. So much. Half of my skincare is TBS. And no, I am not sponsored by TBS, haha. I just love the products, they all smell so good and my skin feel so good after using any product. No bad experience - so far. But back to the masks. I browsed the website in pursuit of my good facial mask. My skin is bit dry, sometimes you can find a spot (or two), sometimes it´s bit oily, there are few scars, not too many wrinkles.... Just was not sure what I am actually looking for. 

And then I found it, the proper spa treatment. The Warming Mineral Mask. Yes, guys, it´s really warming and by warming I mean it´s hot during the application (but not way too hot). You can feel the heat on your fingers and on your skin also. It is very pleasant, good and it feels like it is really working. The consistency is thick, white and bit sticky. The smell is very nice, not very intensive though, more neutral. I usually leave on for around  15 - 20 minutes. The mask does not dry out on your face, so there is no exact moment when you should wash it out. It is a cleansing mask and it is for all skin types, and I really think after trying that is OK for everyone. I usually use twice a week or more when I am feeling like my skin needs an extra cleansing or extra treat (20 minutes spa session, haha).

My opinion? I am very happy with the results. I feel like my skin is more clean everytime, more radiant, more fresh and more happy. I would definetely recommend in case you are looking for a good cleansing mask. I will keep using this one as the price is very friendly - 10 pounds (but check the website - there is some cool deal everytime!), one 100 ml "bottle" lasts quite long and I can really see the results - clean and fresh skin.

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