August 10, 2014


I think about a serum as a secret fighter. They are usually applied underneath the moisturizer for the special "something". And by something I means hydration, protection, healing, brightening etc. The truth is serums are huge now. Everybody is talking about them and it seems like everyone is using one. Or two. Or even more. To be honest, I am not that sure about if we really do need them so "desperately", but I rather picked up two (just so I don' t regret later, when I am old with super-wrinkled face and neck).I will share my opinions about the two serums I picked. 

I use Hydraluron from Indeed Labs in the morning and The Body Shop Serum Vitamin E in the evening. I always apply them one step before my moisturizer. I picked up Hydraluron, because all over the internet every beauty blogger proudly owns one and praise that product as a Holy grail of the Beauty World. I have been using my Hydraluron for one month now and just started to see the results recently. To decsribe the product a bit: It´s see throug-gel like-sticky cream. Almost like a glue. You need just tiny bit to cover your face. After the application, it seems a bit sticky on your skin. And then, you defo need to apply the moisturizer (Hydraluron never replaces moisturizer). The purpose of this serum is to keep your face skin hydrated for longer ("moisture boost" they say). Not sure how it really works, but basically there is this (natural) hyaluronic acid that holds all the water in your skin. I think. I think last two weeks I have noticed that my skin is really nourished, hydrated and feels so good when I touch it (not so often, I promise). But guys first two weeks I had so many spots and acne all over my face. To be honest, not sure if it's from Hydraluron or not, but my skin had been excellent last few months without any spots, so. And Hydraluron was the only change in my skincare routine, so. But after surviving these two weeks of absolut desperation and spotty face, it started to improve the condition (and I hope it will be better and better!).
But it's a good stuff and bit pricey as well - you can pick one in Boots for 24,90 (Currently 16,66 pounds!).

The other miracle is from The Body Shop, costs something about 11,99 pounds and it is overnight serum. I use this one in the evening after my toner and before my moisturizer. I chose this one as it claims to vanish all the scars (and I have many of them from my teenage not so clever spot squeezing, bad me!). I have been using this serum for couple of weeks as well, and I actually like it very much. I think it really helps my skin, makes it feel more soft, pamepered and nourished. Not sure so far about the scars, but I think this issue needs more time. But so far, I have really good feeling about this. It' s very liquidy, clear and smells nice/purely and it' s full of vitamin E (another quite hyped beauty term). After first application, I was bit concerned about this very liquidy consistency, but I got used to it. Overall, I think we will be very good friends with Vitamin E serum. 

Anyone else experienced breakage after first days of Hydraluron? (or is my skin absolutely mad?)
What serums do YOU use? (come one, very curious here:)


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