February 02, 2015


Last calm Monday in a few months, sigh. On Wednesday I am returning back to work, so I quite enjoyed this time home, but back to the reality. And as last Monday without stress and work anxiety I thought (while taking some pictures during the day), that I could show you my Monday in pics :).

Morning: Picking up my morning outfit from the tops in my bedroom. Could not quite decide, because I have so many new things to wear and there are few pieces I still didn' t get a chance to wear. 

Feeling little bit festive I just opted for this silky blouse from River Island with gorgerous  golden - metal details and frill around neck. It' s just so beautiful, I fell in love with this piece instantly!

My new book of ideas. Got this one from TK Maxx weeks ago, but just today I finally got a chance to make a list of my new 2015 resolutions, challenges and tasks. Never too late, I guess, haha. So cute.

Dinner time. I know it does not really look like fancy result of my mad cooking skills, so let me explain. Tomato, cucumber, peppers, rocket, bit of cheese, avocado and soya. I am really into soya now. Healthy quick and easy and tasty:)

Baaaaaath time ! Fear not, I will not put my not so skinny legs on display in a cheeky snap. Althought have a look at my beautiful bobbles I got from Lush. Such a lush! And relax. 

After shower: Wearing a clean shirt and leggings, with little bit of fragrance from Victoria's Secret. Such a flirt is my current favorite. Already checking website and thinking about ordering more :).

Little relax before going to bed: reading a book and drinking Earl Grey tea with soy milk. Currently reading Chuck Palahniuk - Diary. I love his books. 
So this was my Monday. Do you like post like this one? Do you have any rituals you keep during a week? Let me know, curious as always. 

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  1. Goodluck with work again!

    Agnes x