February 01, 2015


Dear redears, I am very proud to introduce you to my new favorite moisturizer. Its name is Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. What a name! This little sunshine was around for some time, but now, after months of pursuing a good moisturizer, I finally decided to get my hands on CDDML+, haha. I tried few moisturizers in last couple months, mostly unhappy about them or expecting way too much. Expecting almost nothing, I took little sample in Boots and was nicely suprised. My skin was very soft and mainly, moisturized. I decided to purchase and just try. Reviews good. Brand good. If nothing, 125ml for a price of any other moisturizer is just great. 

Let me tell you something about my skin first. My skin is very dry, very rough, but during a day (and especially when wearing a makeup) it can get quite greasy. Las few weeks I have been suffering from acne, big nasty spots and zits (and yes I cried quite a lot). Cliniques moisturizes is supposed to help skin that is bit dry, bit dehydrated or combination skin. I guess I am in. Now back to the product.

Okay, it's yellow. I know, not very usual. Also, without any fragrance or perfume, but smells bit medicinal (trust factor!). The consistency is but surprising - it' s very light weighting, thin, almost runny - you would not expect much of hydration from it. The truth is opposite, it gives me the best hydration. My skin feels so great! It really does and it stays soft and hydrated all day. Also, my makeup just applies so much easier and I feel like me foundation lasts longer. Another great benefit is the adorable pump that comes with it and the fact you don't have to dive your fingers in a pot. Clap clap clap.

I can' t praise this product enough. It just became my favorite moisturizer and I don't feel like I'll be changing any time soon. 

PS: I changes few things in my skincare routine and let's say this moisturizer might be a biggest change. So it probably contributed to most to one more change in my skin - all my spots are gone, And scars are healing very fast (with combination or BioOil and my new night cream). Worth a try.

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