February 03, 2015


Have you heard about this brand W7? I have not, I have a feeling I saw their eye shadow palettes somewhere, don't reckon where though. Anyway, I got this eye shadow palette as a Christmas present and my one is called "In the Night" and it's dedicated to the party girls who like to go out for a drink or two and who like to go to party and dance. Regula readers know I am more kinda into natural shades, like brown, beige and nude. But, this is a nice change. I have dark broen eyes so this purpely-violet shades really suit me and did not have that much to choose from before so I have to say I am very pleased. Other palettes from W7 are also: Lighly toastes, In the nude and In the Buff. These three are more in the natural/nude range.

In the night has these 12 shades:
Dusty - very light pinky shimmery shade
Wonderland - absolutely gorgeous bronzey tone with golden undertones
Summer - very light greyish shade
Atlanta - very cool light violet shade
Abracadabra - dark grey matte shade
Top Hat - another beautiful shade, dark purple shimmering shade
Razzamataz -  dark purple matte shade
Lady Luck - bright dark pink/plum shade with shimmering, very beautiful
Laura E - gorgeous medium warm brown shade
Party Pooper - very light silver shimmering color
Gate Crash - dark grey shade
Bologna - black matte shade

The problem seemed to be glitters that are in each shadow and make the whole palette look bit scary. I guess when you are getting ready for night out you probably should add bit of a glitter, but this looked like crashed disco ball ingredients. Fortunately, after applying all the glitters dissappear. 

 The quality is not bad, but it's not the best. The shadows are quite powdery and need to be blend in very precisely. Typically, for budget palettes, the matte shades have again a problem with pigmentation. But the shimmery shades are very good, almost stunning. More buttery and last longer. 

In this particular shade range, I have 4 favorite shadows I have never seen anywhere else, so I will be using these a lot. Then there are 4 shades that I can imagine using, especially when going out. And then the remaining 4 eyes shadows I don't think I will use unsless as a highlighter underneath my eyebrows. But I guess in every palette, no matter if from drugstore or premium brand, there will be always shadow you don't fancy, so. 

Overall, I am quite happy qith In the night palette. Nice budget buy: I think the price is aroud 10eur and you're buying 12 eyes shadows in a really cool tin packaging. Quite curious about the nude shades so will probably try to get my hands on these too. 

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