September 28, 2014


Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It' s because there is something very melancholic about autumn and I am very melancholic person. I just love when the weather is not warm anymore, yet not too cold. You smell the colder tones in the little wind and all the leaves are turning red and orange and yellow and the sky is greyish with few sun rays. And in the air there is this little reminder of upcoming winter, sneaking in slowly, but still you are full of the beautiful summer memories. WHat a wonderfull time of the year.

What I love about autumn is also the fashion. I like I can wear my favorite black again (I just love black), I love wearing jackets and hoodies and jumpers (yes, I am bit struggling during the summer) and I love long thick scarves. And autumn brings it all back. And of course, I can wear my favorite boots again. Please do not expect anything wild here full of colors and shapes. Like I said, I love it simple, black and cosy.In the end of August I managed to buy three pairs of boots that I think will walk me through autumn. With the pairs I already have at home, I think the column for autumn shoes can be ticked. 

The Jodhpur boots from H&M. They call them Jodhpur, I don't know why. I liked them in the magazine and I ordered them from the internet. Basically, they are perfect for walking (haha) as they have the smallest heel, they are not too high, the ankle height is perfect. Half leather look (only a look), half suede look (again, only a look) makes them very interesting and "golden" buckle makes them even look quite posh. They can go with casual outfit as well as bit more dressed up outfit, so I find them quite variable.

The Biker Boots. Okay, everyone should have biker boots in their wardrobe, is a must-have, really. My old ones died last spring which made me very happy cause I knew I am about to pick up new pair. This time I wanted to keep it very simple, sleek and more girlish. Well, let' s say that my old ones were bit too much of rock with lots of studs and little buckles and details...nad... I am getting older, so! :) I got these from ASOS. Very warm, cosy, excellent quality, can' t wait to wear them. I know they are very simple, but the golden zipper in the back is exactly the only detail I was able to accept. Actually,I love the zipper.

The Heels. I love heels, and I fell in love with these as soon as I put them on. Gosh, they are so comfy. So much. And look so chic and sleek and uprgade every outfit to another level. I just feel so good wearing these. I can see myself wearing these a lot this winter. Leather trousers, knit and these, oh! Also H&M. You can find them also in dark burgundy color, which is even more beautiful, but I just love black. 

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