September 22, 2014


Do you see the five ordinary looking bottles on my cute face cloth? Those are my beauty heroes. You might have actually heard about all of them. I would like to mention them just one more time, because they have important place in my first aid kit! 

1. Boots Build Up Removal Shampoo
I noticed few bloggers were raving about this little shampoo. I was bit sceptical first, as it is quite cheap - something around 3 quit, it´s Boots brand and the bottle looks let´s say boring. Mistake. This is my third bottle already and I will keep repurchasing until I die. I feel in love with this shampoo, it does a proper cleanse, hair feels so clean and fresh after. This does wonders, really. I try to use once a week or when feeling like my hair is bit tired from all the hair stuff I use. Go and buy it. 

2. Baby Shampoo
I use the one from Jonhnson´s and I keep one bottle in the bathroom all the time. First, I use this shampoo for brush cleaning. I am not sure if it´s okay. Really. But it gives them perfect wash, smells nice and leaves the brushes in a perfect condition, really. Second, I use it after I dyed my hair. I know, seems strange, but I colour my hair dark brown which almost everytime appears black. So to get rid of the black hue that stays in the hair for the first couple of washes I use this. Followed by conditioner. One quit ladies and gentlemen, one quit. Priceless. 

3. Bio Oil
Here comes the pricey one. If you find spare 6 quit in your pocket (or maybe rather on your credit card), "invest" in bio oil. I really think this does help. Smells nice. I apply on any little scars I have on my skin (like little cuts after shaving my legs) and also on my face. Again, not sure of this is okay. But after a spot attack (that comes at least once a month) I am left with scarface (not the movie one). I have big red supernovas all over my cheeks as a result of dead spots. Applying this makes them all disappear within a day, two. I also apply when I feel my face needs a little oomph after party/stress/bad diet etc. Basically, masage into face before going to bed and follow with moisturizer. Sweet.

4. Lip Butter
My lips, my poor lips, so dry and so damaged from all the bad habbits. I love this lip butter from The Body Shop, the "taste" is shea butter and makes my lips so soft. Using it before sleep and waking up with baby lips, haha. Any kind is definitely enough, but I just think lips should get some extra moisture and lip butter is the best source! Yummy.

5. Tea Tree Oil
Another oil. Oils rules, haha. This is such a helper in the battle against spots. It is like a first aid when the spot appears (sometimes you can not see it but you can feel it). When my skin is really bad, I apply on the spot areas before going to bed. Smell so good, sometimes bit itchy but it is because it works! Now I have one from The Body Shop, beefore I tried the one from Superdrug and they all are good. 

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