September 28, 2014


Our weekends are all pretty much the same (by "we" I mean me and my boyfriend). On Saturday we usually go for a little trip somewhere in London and on Sunday we are happy to have a little breakfast in a nice café, then little shopping and then free time. I had to go to Specasavers today to choose a new pair of glasses, yay! And because there is a little mall nearby, I took a chance and quickly picked up few thing I really needed. So, here's my shopping.

First, The Body Shop. I know I am addicted and I know it is not good at all. But, for my defend - I had this 40% off voucher, I was running out of my all-time favorite face wash and needed a proper mask for my tired skin. The Silky Cleansing Oil with Camomile had a massive hype during last few months and I picked up my first one and immediately fell in love with it. This is my second bottle, so it lasted let' s say 3-4 months, which is pretty much okay. This stuff is amaying (like everyone said before), smells so nice and makes skin feel so soft. I tried the Aloe Protective Restoring Mask just couple minutes ago and I was very pleased. I did not want anything super cleansing, but something more caring and nourishing instead. This mask did amazing job. I will give you a full review later, but so far I can say "wow".

Second, the Superdrug. Althought I have neverending shopping list, I wanted to make it quick and pick up the stuff I run out of this week. It was Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and Maybelline the Falsies Mascara, talking about these two, I think they are two best products by Maybelline and I make sure I have these in my make up bag every time. Cheap and priceless!

My third stop was TK Maxx. I was in pursuit of proper professional haircare shampoo and conditioner. After trying all the drugstores can offer regarding damaged hair, I used them all and all of them were rubbish I have decided to reach for a proffesional brand and try out something bit more pricey but praised. Could not decide between this "Resurrection" set by TIGI and Kerastase products. I did not find many Kerastase reviews and for the same price, my economical myself won the bottle and I picked up Urban Antidotes Resurrection Set. The price is same (around  25 quit), but Bed Head each has 750ml. I say it' s a huge bottle. Haha. Review later! And also, I wanted to buy the wet brush. This one from TK Maxx was for 4 quit and after first quick trial I was so so so pleased.

Fourth and last stop I took was my beloved Tiger! Just a quick visit as I needed this medium white box for my every day make up. I have already 2 of these at home, one for haircare products and one for body products. But all my make up split all over little bags, boxes I just had to take an action and I have decided that for the next couple of months living in our tiny London appartment I just have to survive with all the stuff in this pretty box. Yep, London' s appartments are not made for poor beauty freaks, haha. Thank god we will move soon. 

This is final result. My every day make up, the necassassery things, ale thrown in without any proper dividing (my OCD me is crying right now).

I am big fan of other people' s make up storages and boxes and bags etc. so any idead and advices are more than welcomed! :)

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