September 06, 2014


Minihaul. Three items from L'oreal everyone was raving about. As I was browsing the adorable aisles in Boots I realised I would need a new primer. And yet, there was a deal 3 for 2 for all L'Oreal, so I just bought them all. The Primer, the Foundation and the Mascara. The Good, The Better and The Best. Let me explain. 

Number one: The Primer. Menntioned several times by youtubers, many reviews by bloggers all over the internet and few mentions from friends/family/random/magazines. So I thought let's give it a try. Why not. I needed a primer, there are not many of them, let's have a look. And guys, it' s a good one. Makes really great canvas for further application, the face is glowing (healthy glowing, not radioactive glowing), pores are smaller and the foundation just sticks. Into? On? Not heavy, not sticky, not smelly. Really good. The only thing I have: not that it would prolong the duration of foundation. Might update later after few more weeks of observation. Points for the consistency and base it leaves. A good one.

Number two: The Foundation. L'Oreal True Match, the one that supposed to match your true color. The alleged dupe of Giorgio Armani Luminious Silk foundation. Probably one of the best drugstore foundations.A gem.  And I can confirm that. This is one of the best foundations I have ever tried. It is so easy to buff it into skin, so easy to apply, holds quite long and it is not cakey at all. Medium coverage, buildable. Really impressed. And I was quite worried when I saw it first as there are little golden "particles" - not even glitters. Like tiny golden sparkles. So I was a bit scared that I might look like I just quit my career in figure skating. Not at all, the golden bits just aren't there. The only thing I have here is the color. I just could not decide. Boots and Superdrug just did not have any proper samples and I was absolutely hopeless. As I have dark chocolate hair and my skintone is yellowish I picked up the W - warm tones. My skin is very fair though, now I still have some natural summer tan, but this one will be gone in couple of weeks and after comparing to my usual shades from different range, I opted for W1, the lightest one. Not sure if that was a good move as it seems bit too light. Maybe in couple of weeks it might be the perfect shade. The irony is that this foundation supposed to match your true skin color and yet many people struggle to pick up the right shade. The only flaw here. 

Number three. The Mascara. Carli Bybel used to use Telescopic mascara in her every video. Vivaina from Vivana does make up mentioned this one more than just a couple times. Still, when I saw the brush I was terrified. This one just can' t be any good. Maybe avarege, yes. How wrong I was. This mascara is amazing. I am so addicted to this one right now. It makes the lashes superlong, definied, perfect. Holds there well. It isn't clumpy at all, well buildable, after two or three layes makes it look like proper false lashes. I am so happy I found one in Boots and bought it, because I am in love with this mascara. One of the best.

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