September 22, 2014


As every beauty blogger, I am bit make up junkie. That´s probably the reason why I spend almost every lunch break in Boots or Superdrug looking for news in make up aisles instead of having proper lunch. For me it´s a proper break though.

I was longing to try the new L´oreal Mono Eye Shadows especially when they have such beautiful colors and they all are so pigmented. I picked up Nude 201 and Lumiere 502. They look fantastic, but last only couple of hours. I also got L´Oreal So Couture Super Liner. I should be a waterproof one, but I am not so sure. The application is very easy, the brush is thin and short, quite firm. Only lasted on my eye lids for few hours and it easily gets smudged. Double dissapointment for me.

I also picked up my all time favorite foundation - Bourjois Healthy Mix. I love this one. It smells so healthy and fruity, stays, medium coverage, easy to apply and the finish is just so natural. Although, I went one shade darker and that was a mistake as my tan is slowly fading and I would need my former one - the lightest one. Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder is my favorite drugstore powder as well. I also picked up one shade darker one and I should not have done that. Argh. Nevermind. It´s a good stuff and I might still use it. I like this powder because it is so light, has velvety like finish and the smell is fruity as well. Allegedly Channel dupe. 

And because I had 2 quit on my Boots card to spend, I quickly grabbed Miss Sporty nail polish. I actually quite like Miss Sporty nail polish - they last 4 days minimum, they get dry quickly, they are cheap. The only downside are the colors. They are not that nice. 

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