January 31, 2015


And here it comes! My favorite brushes I use every day. I have been thinking about making a post about my favorite brushes for some time now, but just last week I finally made the decision the choose "My top 5 makeup brushes". I am proud owner of something around 30 brushes. This amount of brushes is absolutely unnecessary and unless you are planning going pro, there is no need to go crazy like this (althought I call myslef a "collector" and I take pleasure in owning so many brushes, haha). 

Real Techniques Blush Brush - it's the pink, very fluffy one. Althought its name says blush, I ain't using this one for my cheeks. This brush is great - big, soft and fluffy - just perfect for powder. I can't imagine using this one for anything else, really. Distributes the product gently and softly, and doesn't eat the product at all. Would recommend as Nr. 1 powder brush!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - pink one again, rounded and with short bristles. Honestly, I am not sure what is the purpose of this brush. I saw videos girls using it as a foundation brush. Why not, althought I use it as my blush brush (I am a rebel, I know)! My face is big and rounded and without any definied cheekbones, jeez, so it' s kinda difficult for me to apply blush to a certain part of my face and not to look like I've just attended slapgiving. This one is great for that job - soft but very precise, allows you to work the product in without any problems. 

Zoeva - 227 Luxe Soft Definer - the eye shadow blending brush. Hallelujah ! This is my best friend, really. I tried the MAC 217 blending brush but had to come back to this one. It blends the eye shadow in magicaly, it's absolutely foolproof and even the clumsiest Picasso can have eye shadows like a pro! The only downside is the duration of the brush - will have to repurchase soon. Feeling no guilt though.

Zoeva - 102 Silk Finish - foundation brush. Amazing brush, would not change this one for any other. Tried RT Expert and Buffing brush, but this is my thing. Again, foolproof application, the finish is abolutely gorgeous, works the product in precisely and is just absolutely amazing. Eats my foundation though, but I can forgive this sin as it's really worth it. If you're looking for a move from RT, would go for this one. Still bufget friendly, but the quality is amazing. 

Real Techniques - Accent Brush - ehm, eye shadow applying brush? I believe accent brush is for applying small amount of eyeshadow or glitter to the tiniest part of my eyelid, right? Not my case, again, my rebellious nature: I just use this one for application of eye shadow all over my lid. My eye lids are quite small (yeah, in my big rounded face, haha) and this brush is so small it allows me to spread the eyeshadow evenly without any drop offs. Works for me. 

So, these are my everyday brushes. I like them all, they are good quality brushes, all very budget friendly. What are your favorite brushes? Do also use them in a way they were not meant for?

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