October 05, 2014


Since I have damaged my hair last November (completely and irreversibly), I had to try really hard to get my hair into the condition it used to be. Sigh. I am telling you, stay away from bleach, and all the chemicals and cherish what you have and don't risk. Well at least I will never ever do anything with my hair that involves bleach. During the last year I had to chop my super long hair (almost waist length) into long bob and my hair is still not healed completely. But I hope soon.

Now, I am trying to re-grow my hair and maintain it and keep it very healthy. The condition of my hair depends on many things. First, if I use too much of curling wand or straighteners, my hair get super dry and I get split ends. Second, if I color my hair more then once in 6 weeks or with permanent hair colors, it becomes very dry as well and coarse. And finally, if I eat rubbish, my hair turns rubbish. 

So. I focus on what I eat. To help it a bit, I picked up two packages of "hair food". One of them is Biotin and I found this in Holland and Barrett. There is 100 tablets for 6 quids. Taking one pill a day it makes it more than 3 months and I think that it good. This is my third box already and I can see a difference. I have always been taking some vitamins or tablets for my hair and skin as I know that I could eat better. Biotin helped my hair in the recovery process, in the beginning I used to take two tablets a day to boost the growing and healing proces. Will purchase again, for me it is almost as a hair insurance.

Recently I picked up vitamins for skin, face and nails. It is called Perfectil Triple Active from Vitabiotics. I read so much about this on the internet and I wanted to speed up the growth of my hair even more so I am taking these right now and I will keep you posted about the results. But if you are looking for something similar, maybe read the reviews as this seems like a good one for a good price. There are 30 tablets, taking one a day with meal it makes it one month. Not bad at all. 

If you are not keen on any vitamins and similar stuff then it is a good to just think about what you eat and help your beauty with your food.  So next time in Tesco definetely pick up some fishy fish - salmon is the best, then veg and fruits - bananas, strawberries,brocolli, spinach and then also  nuts and eggs. Drink lots of water and add some green tea.

Let me know if you like to read more about food/healthy?

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