October 16, 2014


What could I tell you about this Aloe Vera Protective Restoring Mask (what a long name!)? I tried it few weeks ago for the first time and I was so surprised. I accidently left it on my face for 50 minutes (while watching Sons of Anarchy - new addiction & star crush. During that time the mask just soaked in and became almost invesible. After rinsing - oh - I experienced amazingly soft and silky and smooth skin. The feeling after was just so so so amazing - exactly what I was looking for. I tried to use this mask several times after, leaving it on for maybe 10-15 minutes, which was okay, but! after experiencing wonders, I think the key is to let it soak properly and leave it on for as much as possible.

 I put my hands on this one because I was looking for something on the restorative side - let' s face, it's not all about exfoliating and deep cleansing and let' s give the old good skin some extra love. And probiotics. That' s on the lid - and I think that' s also what caught my eye. Not too thick, not too thin, without any fragrance but loaded with probiotics.

This week, my skin is just being very mean to me and I think this one will see the showtime many many times more. My advice - let it soak, soak, soak. And then just wipe with warm face cloth. Serum. Moisturizer. And you done. Your thirsty skin will love it.

A bit pricey one, but trust me, the tiny pot will last ages. Also, The Body Shop have some promotion all the time, either on the website or on voucher websites. Go and treat yourself. You deserve it. 

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