October 12, 2014


Guys, this is a story. Haha. Seriously. I have always had beautiful long hair. I used to dye it every month black, because this colour suited me and I really liked the outcome. My hair was always in an excellent condition, using a deep mask treatment once week. I used to also straighten my hair almost every day, using a heat protector it all was pretty much okay. Last October I decided to change my hair colour for chocolate brown. I have always been thinking about what it would look like to have brown hair (my natural colour is dark brown). 

As I did not want to spend fortune in salon I decided to do the job at home. I did not know much about hair colors, but after watching few tutorials on Youtube I considered myself as an expert. What a mistake. I wish I could go back and change history as this step made my life and confidence very bitter.

Now little info about what I did. First, I bought Jo Baz hair colour removal. Two boxes, following the instructions, nothing happen. Some bits of my hair were still black, my roots gingery-brown, the whole thing not pretty good. 

Next step was bleach. I think I used to Be Blonde one, applied on my hair all over and left it do the job. Black colour was gone, I was left (as expected) with orangey-gingery-yellow colour with black strands and patches, ouch. I bought in advance Garnier Olia hair colour in Brown 5.0 and dyed straight away. The outcome was not bad, brown colour, with black bits here and there but with massive brassines. 

Let' s focus on the condition of my hair. My ends were absolutely fried, dry and crispy. Looked terrible. The hair in general was thinner than I remember and I noticed massive hair loss. I tried many things to fix it, mainly focusing on split ends treatments etc. Nothing really helped and month later, I headed to hairdresser to tidy up the mess. The hairdresser was not very happy to see the mess and had to chop my hair 15 inches shorter. This made me very sad but I knew there was no other way. Soon, my colour needed a fix, so I applied the John Frieda 5A Medium Ash Brown. The outcome was quite nice, hair was quite okay. 

I still used all the deep conditioning treatments, hair masks, hair oils, heath protectants, but in two weeks, my ends were split and fried again. I decided not to do anything for two months with my hair. That means, no styling, no colouring, no cutting. Nothing. I wore my hair in pineapple bun every day which made my self confidence absolutely low and I was not feeling good at all, because I was used to beautiful long healthy shiny locks. In February I went for cut and Brazilian Keratin Treatment. The hairdresser had to chop my hair significantly again, made it very short, like under shoulder length. The BKT did nothing to my hair to help and my ends were frizzy and my end still split, the overall feeling terrible. 

I was not happy with the colour either, as the roots were so much lighter than my ends, trying to fix it I dyed my hair with darker hair colour, made it all brown-black. Not bad, but my hair looked almost black again, so another sad feelings. 

Soon, in April I headed to hairdresser again, because I needed serious get-rid-of-split-ends again. My hair did not even have time to grow back and yet I had to visit the hairdresser again. This one, he cut it even shorter saying that once more and all the bleached areas and strands should be gone. 

I was still very cautious, did not style my hair much, just sometimes, wearing them in a bun most of the times. Did not make me feel very pretty at all. Not sure what happened, because couple weeks later, in June, I just needed the cut AGAIN. And I decided to say good bye to long hair and chop it for long bob. Longer bob was quite in back in June and many celebrities wore their hir shorter. I thought let' s give it a try, let' s get rid of the damaged hair for good and let's start from the scratch. 

The cut was perfect, suited me very well. It looked wonderful. Soon after, I dyed my hair with Casting colour - Chocolate Brown. I found out I was never happy with lighter hair, but I did not want to go back to black. Now my hair is very nice. The longer bob is growing out slowly and now my hair is slightly undeneath my shoulders and 1 inch under my collarbones. Looks very cute, hair is healthier (but still not what it used to be). I miss my long hair so much and the healthy condition as well. In September I had my last cut, telling the hairdresser that I want to let my hair grow now and won' t cut my hair for couple months so she got it ready for growing out period. 

Like I said, the condition is quite nice now, my hair colour is deep bronw black - suits me very well with my black eyebrows and I feel well in this colour. Everyone likes my shorter hair, but I still miss my long hair so much so I will definitely let it grow. I threw away all rubbish products and invested in salon brands hair products (seeing the difference immediately) and I colour my hair less, only with amonia free hair colours. I just wanted to say, this year regarding my har was very difficult and sad. I hated my hair and it was only my fault. I would recommend, do not bleach your hair, do not experiment if you want to keep your hair healthy. It is just not worth it. It is waste of money and energy. I can not even think about how much I spent for all the rubbish treatments and all the cuts, still worrying about my hair. I would never do it again. Never never never. I really regret doing it. 

So please, before you do anything to your hair, think about it first. It might be good, but it also might be bad and if it goes wrong, then it is very difficult, expensive and painful to get things back. 

Thanks for reading!

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