October 05, 2014


Saturday morning, Westfield shopping center in Shepherd's Bush. Me, and two hours to pick up not some basics for my autumn/winter wardrobe. I love Westifeld, because there is everything, every little shop, anything you need to find is here. I hate Westfield, because it' s full of people all the time. But, Saturday morning, it was not actually that bad, so here are the bits I picked up.

First stop - Topshop. Would spend the whole morning there, so many amazing boots there. But my task was  quick and simple. Black basic jeans. One can' t go wrong with MOTO Leigh skinny jeans. The softest jeans ever, so easy to wear, so comfrotable. Try them on and you will never want to take them of. And bonus - they go perfectly with anything!

Second stop was Mango. I picked up two beautiful and comfy basic sweaters. Fine knit, not too long, but not too skinny. One is in nice natural color and the other one is grey color with dark grey bits, Both so pretty and so easy to wear, especially with the Topshop jeans. So happy about these two!

The third and last stop was my beloved Zara. By noon, Zara became quite a crazy place, almost like a circus, so I did not get a chance to go through all the thins and because there was super-long queu for changing rooms, I just bought basic V-neck oversized knits, all so easy to wear, so universal and good for my wardrobe. Not expensive at all. I picked up light grey one, black one (the super basic basics) and then navy blue and red one, these looked so great on me! 

And, because there is never too many basic pieces in my wardrobe I would wonder what are your basic favorite (and where you get them)?

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