October 12, 2014


Now you know about my damaged hair. The purpose of my previous article was to tell you something about the products I used. Everyone can make a mistake. I know many people will say I am stupid I did this at home by myslef, but let's face the truth - half of the Youtube girls bleach their hair at home and I believe I am not the only one who messed that up. 

So now to the products ! This time, let' s talk about shampoos and conditioners.

This looked to so great, something I needed. Shampoo and conditioner that has the power to recover your hair from 2 years of abusing. Two years of damage gone by using these? I had to give it a try. What a dissapointment. Thank god it was so chaep, because oterwise I would be very upset. I found it in a deal 3 for 2 or something like this and the bottles are bigger - 500ml than usual hair products so it looked like a bargain. What a waste. Did nothing to my hair and the smell makes me sick. Have been using these for couple of months and then I just gave up. Don't want to be mean and if you have a good experience with these products, it is good, but did nothing for me. 

Even John Frieda did not save the day. I had the red shampoo and conditioner before and then I tried this one  - colour protecting, moisturising. Not really good one. The product itself is brownish, smell bit better then Tresemmé, but still, did not see any difference after couple of months of using. The red ones (I think hair recovery) were even worse. I generally don' t like John Frieda products, everything was so far quite dissapointing. Even the colours as they don' t last very long (only like 3 weeks) and grey hairs are showing up very soon as well. No.

Aussie did the best job all of the products I have used. My hair felt better, the ends were not so crispy and split and overall the feeling was very nice. Reconstructor is a really good product and if you wan a budget hair shampoo and conditioner (and treatment) - put your hands on these. They are 3 for 10 all the time in Boots, or 2 for 7 in Superdrug, also very often. Worked quite well for me, the smell is absolutely amazing, like bubblegum and I was quite happy. I just wanted something more. Something I could be really happy about and make sure it helps my hair 100%.

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