October 19, 2014


Hooooooo another minihaul. I don't really do big shoppings of clothes. More often I pick up one or two pieces in one particular shop or just order something from the internet. I usually have a list of things I need/ I want and I try to stick with this list. Sponatanoues shoppings are very rare and later I usually regret these decisions.

My style is very simple. I don't wear jeans unless they are black. I don't like colours, I perefer different shades of beige, grey, black white etc. I like to combine simple tops with simple trousers for every day look. To make my outfit a bit interesting I like to match some gold accesories, gold watch, earrings etc. And good make up of course. And great handbag. And great shoes. Shoes and handbag. They just make the outfit.

Last week (SALE TIME) I picked up few basic tops. I had these, but after some time the tops ae just out of shape, bit clumpy, so I just wanted to pick up new ones. ASOS has sale time now, so each top was only for five quit, yay! They all have long sleeves, scoop neck (quite revealing) and I picked up white, black and grey to keep ut classic and easy to wear. Lovely. The material is just lovely. 

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