October 12, 2014


And here we go again, my favorite topic! No, I am kidding I would prefer if I had nothing to say about damaged hair, but unfortunatelly that is not the case. In my pursuit of healthy hair, I tried some budget friendly hair treatments/masks and I will share with you what I think about them. 

When picking up this one, I liked the "intensively replenishes each strand". That sounded like something I needed. Especially I liked "intensively" and "replenishes" because I am all in intensively replenishing. Aaaah. Again, the smell of this mask was just not good. It actually was not good at all. The mask itself has white colour, it' s not too thick, but not runny either. The pot is quite big, so it lasts quite some time. The effect... I must say I did not see any difference. My hair was the same, did not notice any change in my hair regarding smoothness, condition or feeling. And the smell is just bad. I would not recommend this one. 

This little red pot full of pinkish mash inside was quite good actually. It is very budget friendly as I picked up this one from Superdrug for something like 2 quit. Smells very lovely, like fruits or berries, but I believe some poeple may feel the smell overwhelming. It is quite nourishing, soothes the ends a bit, but I would say it is only immediate effect and it does not really treat the split ends. Maybe if used frequently, but I think you should be using deep conditioning treatment only once or twice a week. For feeling of nice hair I would give it a go.

When picking up this mask, Doctor Who came to my mind, so I just to take it - as you may see the regenerating mask, haha. I have to admit, this one would be the winner. Smells incredibly lovely, it has sort of yellow-ish colour and medium thickness. The pot is slightly smaller - only 200 ml and I feel like this mask was gone bit quicker. I usually left this mask on for an hour, maybe two and it made my hair feel very nourish and smooth and soft. I could see difference with this one. I would say it is something like Aussi 3 Minutes Recovery. So some results were here, but still not what I would expect from deep conditioning mask. 

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