November 23, 2014


Aaaaaaaand it´s gone...... It´s unbelievable how quickly I am out of this product everytime. Don´t get me wrong, the pot is not small, more like a normal size. But after every purchase I just need to use this butter like daily.  The texture is so soft and it´s so easy to spread, dries in few seconds and moisturises for more then 24 hours. But I bet you have already heard about Body Butters by The Body Shop, because they are well known and praised by so many people that it´s impossible not to know about these. 

I just love them. This Almond scent is my favourite one, then I also like Moringa scent and Cocoa is absolutely gorgeous also. They are bit pricey, pot for 13£, but I usually pick up many when there is some bargain deal like 40% off or sale 5£ per piece and trust me, that happens quite often. One can make a nice present, it would definetely make me happy to get few more for Christmas. Especially some with the Christmas themed scents like Frosted Cranberry or Glazed Apple. Yummy!

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