November 30, 2014


Well... How gorgeous is this? I think it was love on the first sight as you just HAVE TO love these beautiful colours. Let me tell you something, we have been waiting for a good drugstore affordable palette that could be so daring to actually beat some high - end ones, and here SHE comes: this little mademoiselle La Palette Nude by L'Oréal .Here comes 10 beautiful rose - nude shades. Well, the palette is called Rosé, but I would say the colours are more purpely-violet than rosé which makes them pefrect for the autumn and colder months as burgundy is number one colour of this season. At the same time, the shades are so neutral, perfect for casual every day and I think they must suit to any skin tone and any eye colour. 

You can find here 4 matte shades and 6 shimering shades. The shimering shades are slightly better and kind of easier to blend. The packaging is lovely, really. Looks quite posh amd fancy, but it is very thin and narrow, which makes it perfect for travelling. I like the sleek black design with golden details, looks really beautiful. I am happy with the quality of these eye shadows. You have to keep on your mind that you are buying a drugstore product, so please don't expect Naked 3 dupe. But good quality one with 10 amazing shades ! 

With price 14,99 pound it's basically must-have, especially now - if you pick up L'Oréal make up products for at least 14,99 pound in Boots, you will get amazing present with lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner and mascara. This deal is until the 31st December and I think it' s totally worth it. The review for present coming soon :).

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