November 17, 2014


Well, how cute is that? I have been looking for some fancy Kindle case for a few months now. Not sure what design I would like, not sure what price I was willing to pay, I was just checking websites here and there, bookstores, shops, commuters in the bus in pursuit for something nice. 

And then I found this little cuties. At the moment I saw this one case, I just knew this is the one I want. The pink color is so nice, really vibrant and radiant, but not too bright. I am in love, really. Haven´t taken it in anywhere since as I want to keep my case so clean forever (irony). The best thing ? It cost me 1 pound in Poundworld. Insert Win Baby Meme, please. Really happy now. 

If you want your one, I believe they would still have some. There were many colors available, like sleek black, grass green or vibrant blue. Or this cute pink. Smiley face.

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