November 23, 2014


There are not many affordable toners out there and when you find some, you just want to give it a try thinking it might be actually good one. I have tried a few and I am still looking for the best one. But Vitamin E Hydrating Toner by The Body Shop is worth to be mentioned because it is efinitely a good one. I tried few different toners I found in TBS, but this one is probably the best one TBS can offer. I quite like the whole Vitamin E range because it is suitable for sensitive skin.

This toner is really great for dehydrated and dry skin as it gives your skin a big moisture boost (more then different products). Like I said, it is tailored for sensitive skin so it is not harsh at all. No itching, no redness. There is no scent or odeur, another big plus. It has also a magic power to remove remaining dirt from your already cleansed skin (haha). Sometimes I think it maybe makes my T-Zone bit more oily/ shiny. The consistency is bit thicker comparing to other toners. To use it just tap few drops on a cotton pad and apply all over face, followed by moisturiser. 

Overall it is a very good toner, quite affordable for £8,50 and does the job. Leaves the skin clean refreshed and really hydrated. I will probably repurchase, but now I am looking for a toner that could help to reduce my spots. I am already using La Roche Posay cleansing lotion and it does miracles! What toner do you use? 

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