November 22, 2014


This must be the best kohl liner you will ever try. Budget buy, a must have of every beauty bag. Affordable product, great quality. Scandaleyes products have been around for some time now and these waterproof kohl kajal pencils gained some good reputation. Just went to pick new supplies (I have these everywhere: handbag, drawers at work, bathroom, bedroom) and realized that I should mention these. 

If you should invest in two colors, make it black and nude. Black one is like a gem. You can use it in your waterline for little bit of rock look, or as a thin line underneath your lashes, to add bit of shape to your eyes. Use on uppoer lid, either thin line for every day look, smudge it with bruh for bit more casual look or create nice wing for more fancy look. It´s up to you, but you can get any look with this one. The nude is an essential for a camuflage kit. After sleepless night, pop som nude color into your waterline, just to erase the redness from your eyes. Makes wonders! Waterproof, so lasts all day. Super soft, so easy to apply. You can´t go wrong here.

Just make sure you use Waterproof make up removal to get rid of every bit when removing your make up and cleansing your skin.

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