November 16, 2014


For few weeks I have been looking for something nice and new from Soap and Glory. I love their body products, especially body butters - they smell divine. But I wanted to try something from the make up range as well. After watching many many youtube videos and reading many many blog post from fellow bloggers I found out there are few bits we could possibly call must-haves aka go and buy it, now.

I am fan of a flawless base. I like my skin smooth, spots covered, eyes brightened up and basically all perfect. Soap and Glory have few powders to offer and I picked up this one - One Heck of a Blot. Sounds.... interesting, right? What I love: transparent/transculent/invisible which means that it does not make your complexion darker or lighter and leaves the colour job on your foundation. After application the skin is really smooth, looking so perfect. No cakey effect. But no coverage either. Nevermind, you have your foundation. Total verdict: The best drugstore powder ever.

Another one little buddy so praised among beauty gurus: Solar Powder. It is a bronzer. Guys, I hate bronzers. I am very bad with bronzers. I usually look like someone smacked me in the face. All my bronzers are too orangey, too warm, too pigmented (who would say that is a con), too everything. So I did not want to buy another useless bronzer, right. But I was so wrong, using bronzer can be actually very pleasant and in the end it is my favorite one and I have been using it ever since I have bought. This bronzer is absolute must. No orangey or warm undertones, not too dark, easy to apply and so easy to blend. Total verdict: Te best drugstore bronzer ever.

The last beauty bit is this lovely Kick Ass Concealer. It is like a little magic pot, inside there are two tiny pots, one for under eye concealer, one for redness or spots. And there is also one more pot in the packaging and that is the setting powder. How cute is that? So cute and so good also. I use the one for covering under eye circles every day - makes me very happy because it covers all the darkness so well and stays also. The part that is supposed be used for spots redness is not that good, but it is not dissapointment as I think that any concealer works for me and my spots (any advice?). After all, I would say it Kick Ass is better than average drugstore concealer. 

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