November 17, 2014


Thinking about my skin when I was teenager and I must say I was a lucky gal. Tiny spot here and there, sometimes little bit of redness but in general my skin was okay. No special treetments, no special needs, no special diets. Just little bit of Clean and Clear, Nivea cream and lets go out partying. That is how it used to be when I was fifteen. I am turning 25 in few weeks and every other week my face turn into mine field and I look like patient zero of some horrible spotty disease. Taping the spots with little bit of tea tree oil didn´t seem to be efficient enough and my passion for squezing every imperfection on my face left me looking like a girlish version of Scarface. Almost crying every time I see myself in the mirror. 

"It´s not that bad," my mum always says, when she recommends to throw all the chocolate bars, pints and crisps in to the bin. Eat an apple she says. Or kale. Avoiding all guilty treats, yet still my face looks like I am in trouble. "Probably hormonal," I was told by Clinique specialist. And recommended to visit a doctor. Ain´t nobody got time for it, so I did a little Sherlock job at the blogosphere and found out there might be a savior (understand everything called Effaclar). 

Since day 1 I have been in love with this couple. I say couple because I just use these two together in the morning and in the evening as well. Basically, these two little buddies are a miracle. I noticed super progress in getting rid of all the spots, blackheads and little red spots. Today is the day 21 and I already feel my skin is so much better. So far I had only one "sore" spot. Really. And I used to have like five at once. Crazy, I know. If you are desperate, but still want to keep it simple and pill less, go for La Roche Posay Effaclar. Effaclar Duo is 40ml cream you can use in the morning and in the evening as well. It contains some super goodies to eliminate all the bad stuff going on in your skin. If you want to go for a really healthy skin, pick up Effaclar toner and I use it to get rid of the dirt and oil. There is also a facewash Effaclar - for a complete antiblemish skincare routine, but I have not tried that one yet. But I could swear by the first two mentioned products, indeed. In love.

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