November 30, 2014


Like I mentioned in my previous post, there is a deal going on in Boots with L'Oréal. I am not sponsored by anyone, I just would like to mnetion it again as I think it' s an absolute bargain and every budget friendly deal is great thing for make up lovers. 

Also, the little "present" you get is absolutely brilliant. You can find there a red Color Riche lipstick in shade 461 Creme de Rogue / Scarlett Creme, red Color Riche nail polish in shade 408 Exquisite Scarlet , Volume Milion Lashes So Couture So Black mascara (I will do a review soon) in Extra Black shade (how perfect is that?) and white eyeliner (I don' t really use a white eyeliner, but it' s good to have one).

In this post I would like to mention the nail polish and lipstick, because they both are in such a beautiful shade of red, very festive Christmas-y red. I can imagine the Christmas party or dinner, wearing LBD with some lace details or with few sparkling gems and as a festive statement I would definitely choose these two for lips and nails. Both colours are very rich (very) matching each other perfectly. I love Color Riche lipsticks, because they smell so nice and feel like balm on my lips, but they are so rich in colour, great product. Both, the lipstick and the nail polish have a gold packaging whick makes them look quite luxurious. Perfect as a treat for yourself or a present for someone else...


  1. Jak píšeš o krajce s konbinací s touhle krásnou červenou rtěnkou...umim si to dokonale představit. Rtěnka opravdu vypadá tak luxusně! :)

    1. Dzejny dekuji moc za komentář a omlouvám se za zpoždění. Rtěnka opravdu konkuruje i těm od MAC. Lak mi vydržel na nehtíkách možná tak 6 dní , což je super výsledek. Spokojenost s tímhle malým dárečkem L'Oreal :)