January 17, 2015


Finally Saturday! I just could not wait for Saturday afternoon, because we usually go for a nice walk with my boyfriend or for a coffee or to see a movie in the cinema. Basically, Saturday afternoon is a symbol of very relaxed time and I always get a chance to wear something casual. I don't have many opportunities to wear really casual clothes as working in an office 9-5 makes it almost impossible and I need to always look very preppy and neat. And when home I always wear very comfy clothes, leggins and jumper, or sweatpants and tee. 

Today I could finally wear my new shirt from Zara. Yay! I bought it durig after Christmas sales and was still thinking about how to wear it. Then I tried out few outfits and realised that in combination with leather trousers and leather boots with heels the whole thing looks casual, yet very stylish. Leather trousers are one of the best buys in my life. And seriously, I just have to start wearing heels more often, they always take the whole outfit to the next level. 

Do you like this outfit? (Soon I will add some pictures of me wearing it, yes :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Zara Christmas Sale Half Price -> big treat :))) xxxx

  2. I love the plaid shirts, very nice!