January 21, 2015


I am so happy I have finally a new phone. And it's this beauty: Lenovo S850  in White. I could not decide whether to go for this one or new iPhone 6. They both look very similar, 5inch display, white color, great camera. I gave it few thoughts and at the end I chose Lenovo. The main reason was the fact that Lenovo is Dual phone, so I can have my irish SIM card and my czech SIM card in the phone at the same time (so far I have been carrying two phones, ufff). Also, new iPhone was more than 3times more expensive than this Lenovo. And what I heard about the duration of battery in iPhones made me think I should opt for this one.

And I am so so happy I did. It's perfect for browsing with superfast 4G, it has two high-res cameras (5MP front, 13MP rear) and all-glass exterior makes it all very luxurious and incredibly posh. God I am so scared I will drop it and break the beautiful thing, haha! 

What do you think ? 

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