January 14, 2015


You guys already know that I am a big lover of all hair and facial masks. Nothing makes me feel better than spending some precious time pampering either my hair or my skin. Recently I have suffered from some hormonal spots/acne. My skin was (and still kinda is) in a very bad condition, Every morning I woke up with 10 new spots, big red ones. I have never had any troubles with spots or acne before (so why now when I am 25?!). Even my Effaclar Duo was hopeless. That´s how I knew something bad was going on with my hormones. I have also troubles with my thyroid and have to take tablets to help my hormones to be okay. So I guess this horrible breakout was nothing I could do about it. Or prevent it. 

On the other hand, there are some products that actually help. One of them is this Superfacialist by Una Brennan Anti Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask. And I would like to definitely recommend it, because it helped me a lot. It makes really difference. How I use it: twice a week (sometimes even more often, I admit) I spread quite a thick layer all over my face and let it work for some time, usually an hour minimum. Then I take a damp face cloth and gently remove it all from my face. After this my face is superclear, really. No other mask ever made feel like "Yeah, now I know my skin is really clean". My skin is also glowing. Like super radiant and glowing like I just had a good workout. The spots that were already red and pink and big are smaller and less red. And when I touch my face, I can feel the difference too. So soft and silk, but very firm at the same time. What I really appreciate, though, is the effect it has on my spots. They are better afterwards. No, they don´t miraculously disappear (those who suffer from acne know it is an utopia), but they are just less aggressive, less red, less visible, less painful.  

I will definitely repurchase. Superfacilict is a good quality cosmetic, one of the best brands you can buy in drugstore I would say. Currently my number 1 facial mask, haven´t been using any other for few weeks. 

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